The Phyt's Range

Panacée Range

Luxurious treatment cream formulated with highly active ingredients which work in synergy to fight all signs of skin ageing. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, smooths and firms the skin, limits oxidative stress and reduces pigmentation. The skin is nourished, regenerated and radiant.

What it does? 

Intensely nourishing, the skin is regenerated and is visibly more youthful radiance:-51% of wrinkles

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Aromaclear Range

Phyt’s have developed a complete range formulated to meet the specific needs of acne-prone oily skin. The range effectively assists in removing excess sebum, regulating sebum production, eliminating blemishes, purifying and refining the skin texture and mattifying the skin.

What it does? 

Specifically designed to purify, tighten pores and reduce blemishes.

Aromalliance Anti-Ageing Range

As we age, skin changes, losing its moisture retention, elasticity and firmness as it’s fundamental elements become depleted through many life factors including normal hormonal changes or environmental damage from long term sun exposure. To reduce the visible signs of these changes, Phyt’s harnesses the powerful nutrients, antioxidants and healing properties from nature designed to target the needs of mature skin.

What it does? 

Natural intense nourishment for very dry skin.

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Aqua Phyt's 24H Hydration Range

Water is an essential element of life. Skin hydration is the key to healthy skin because water is its main constituent (70%). It allows it to maintain its suppleness, elasticity and resistance, whilst also ensuring the good metabolic functioning of cells. The result is a unique hydrating range of products to meet the specific needs of skin dehydration. It aims to restore the water moisture levels in the skin for increased softness and plumpness.

What it does? 

Dehydrated skin deserves a natural 24H moisture solution.

Sensi Range

Phyt’s has created a tailor-made line for sensitive skin. Developed with the greatest care, it respects the physiology of sensitive skin thanks to a dedicated and specific hypoallergenic and fragrance-free formula. The epidermis is in direct contact with extreme natural environmental factors such as heat, humidity, cold, air conditioning and pollution. These can make the skin sensitive to regular face care treatments. 

What it does? 

Hypoallergenic and certified organic face care to soothe and protect sensitive skin.


Phyt'ssima Nourishing Range

Lacking hydration and lipids, dry skin pulls, tingles, weakens and becomes sensitive. At the heart of Phyt’ssima range, two exceptionally active plants work wonders: Hemp oil and Argan oil. Intensely nourishing, their incomparable richness in fatty-acid essentials gives them unmatched nutritional and restorative properties.

What it does? 

Natural intense nourishment for very dry skin.

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Cleansing Range

Cleansing is the essential starting point for healthy glowing skin. Phyt’s have developed a wide range for all skin types to prepare your skin for maximum effectiveness in your skin ritual.

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Anti-Pollution Reviderm Range

The effects of pollution can compromise the skin barrier function and increase dehydration of the epidermis. Phyt’s has extracted the best active ingredients from Mother Nature to revive and protect your skin from urban pollution. Plant extracts and oils have been carefully selected to meet the problems caused by pollutants for a radiant, fresh and healthy looking complexion.

What it does? 

The Reviderm range has been reformulated to focus on the impact of pollution on skin. The new range called Anti-Pollution Reviderm works on oxygenating and protecting the skin against the effect of urban pollution through the powers of chlorophyll, seaweed and pink pepper.

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Equilibre Range - The Daily Skin Care

A dab of gentleness everyday for healthy and radiant skin. An excellent introduction to organic face care. 

What it does? 

Suitable for those with normal, dry or oily skin concerns.

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Phyt'Sublim Eye Range

Very rich in natural active ingredients, Phyt’Sublim Eyes offers global care to the eye contour. Signs of fatigue fade away, the eye area is smoother and hydration restored, the skin on the eye contour is protected, energised and the youthful appearance is preserved.

What it does? 

Certified organic face care to brighten and protect tired eyes.