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9:00am | Registration

9:30am  |  Welcome Note

Welcome note by Dr Abu Hasan Ismail CEO/Group President AwanBiru Technology Berhad

9:50am  |  The Journey to the Cloud and Best Practices

Many companies today have successfully migrated to the cloud. The journey to the cloud transitions people, processes and to a lesser degree the technology, to a new culture and way of working. This talk will explore the journey, the changes that are coming and some of the pitfalls to avoid when completing this journey

11:00am  |  The Secret Recipe to Cloud Adoption: Change Management

The challenge of new technology adoption is common when it is being introduced in an organization. Successfully introducing a new way of working into people’s lives requires effort. With effective change management strategy and process, it increases the adoption success rate and can yield great results

12:00pm  |  Lunch Break

1:50pm  |  Lucky Draw

2:30pm  |  Digitize Your Business Processes with AppSheet

In this session, you will see how anyone can digitize and automate their business processes. Watch as an approval management application is built live on the call.

2:00pm  |  Modern Collaboration without Compromise Security

In this session, you will experience how the cloud native collaboration and productivity platform transform the way the people work in a remote and hybrid environment, while gaining the control on the data security in the cloud, protecting privacy and mitigating risks.

3:30pm  |  Google Cloud's Approach to Cloud Security

At Google, security is of utmost importance. Google Cloud Platform’s infrastructure and services are designed, built and operated with security in mind. We take not only security, but also privacy and trust very seriously and work tirelessly to protect customer data whether it is traveling over the Internet, moving between our data centers or stored on our servers. In this session, you will learn how Google Cloud can help you on your cloud security transformation journey.

3:00pm  |  Applied AI in Student Success Services from Google Cloud

In this webinar you will see and learn how Dialogflow is used to create the AI Assistant chat and voice bots to support students 24x7. You will also hear about how to automate document processing using Google Cloud’s Document AI to speed up student application and data verification

4:00pm  |  Panel Discussion : The Next Wave of Innovation from Cloud Perspective

Every industry in recent years has been undergoing a rapid digital transformation coupled with cloud innovation to meet the growing demand. However, the pandemic—which has made the economy tighter and altered our working style—has catalysed this whole journey. Cloud has always been viewed as an innovation vehicle to deliver the full potential of a business and advance business objectives. In the current situation, companies are expanding their use of cloud technology and optimising it for transformation in the digital economy

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4:50pm  |  Lucky Draw