nail Treatments

Express Manicure

File, buff and polish.....                                                 30 mins            $25.00 

Express Pedicure

Soak, file, buff and polish.....                                        30 mins            $30.00 


Manicure grooming, exfoliation, nail shape,  

cuticle care, hand massage &

polish application.....                                                     60 mins            $55.00     


Soothing foot bath, heel loofah,

exfoliation, nail care, foot massage &

polish application.....                                                     60 mins            $70.00 

Intensive Care Phyts Treatment

Manicure or Pedicure

A targeted treatment to repair, nourish and relax the hands and feet. A specific relaxation massage is used during the treatment to improve circulation and give overall relaxation to tired and over stressed hands and feet. After the treatment the skin is soft, supple and comforted. 

The treatment includes a salt soak, cuticle care, nail grooming, relaxation hand and or foot massage, nourishing mask, hydrating moisturiser with anti-calluses cream for the feet & polish application.... 

Deluxe Phyts Manicure...                         90 mins            $70.00  

Deluxe Phyts Pedicure...                          90 mins            $85.00